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Sex travel safety information

condomCondoms - Enjoy as  much you want , only take care of your self and your loves one while using condoms ,If you get a girl for sudden one night stand OR prostitute so sure you are not the one and she do fuck same often.

So there can be in chances to be get in HIV , so dear friends take care and sure use condom .

Passport & Wallet - While travelling take care of your  belongings , if you are going out for evening only keep your ID and some money with you , so you will not loose all wallet if you got drunk or stolen .

Try your best to pay in local currency and avoid using cards , many places when you are drunk they charge more and since you will not go in the morning to complain, so be safe and enjoy

Drunk Driving - Now days police making much checking for alcohol control , some countries alcohol should be zero and you cannot think where they are standing for to check you , and if you got caught so big penalties and new problems , so avoid drink and drive car ...

Latest reports from St. Petersburg , Russia , that people people stole your tourist car number plate and they leave paper , if you want is back so please give some money ..poor people poverty finds many reason to earn money , but be careful and park your car in secure places ...

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