racism in Estonia 2019

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  1. Love Tallinn Before EU
    Racism in Estonia is in Peak .. I am Estonian citizen and from Indian Origin ..came back to Tallinn after a business visit ..in Lufthansa flight out of 180 people i was there and one African and police stop only both of us for passport check .. for white people .. they can smuggle tons of drugs but no control ... if you are Indian/Nepal student and trying to Migrate Estonia ..so you can move to other European country so you are wasting your time .. Estonian are running away from Estonian ..it has very bad political management and population is decreasing and after 2014 government decide to bring Indian student or Nepali student or African student ..so after there study give them 5 year visa so they can stay here and balance population ratio ..and same time politician want you and other hand on local media abuse you .. so they can get vote bank .... when you will come here you will feel happy...some cleaner than India , nice air ... .. but winter 5 months depressing will kill you ... prices are so much high .. that you will work hand to mouth .. if you are coming on work visa to Estonia from India / Nepal /Africa ..to work in restaurant ...means you will work 12 hours for 26 days to get some 1000 euro salary some ..if your owner will give you salary ... In Estonia prices are going so high that restaurant owners or other business are not able to effort local employees . they are not responsible and every body only love to get money without work and want to get billionaire ..so who will do cheap job ...some stupid foreigner ... restaurant or business owners are not bad but to bring a employee means 700 euro tax for a month..from salary 1300 for D visa ...from where to earn this money ..means foreigner have to do double job .. I think you guys ..if you use Estonia as a route to run away to other country of Europe .. so still not good idea ... Europe is in Poor stage ...I have french friends who born in France..with french passport ..left for Canada because of Racism .. so better to live tension free best do some thing on own country and really you will be 10 times happier than coming Europe , at least you have sun light .. even after reading my post ... if you comes to Europe .. one day you will remember my free advice ...mostly students who are coming above 80 % running away ..

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