Life in Sweden most boring in the World 2019

Hello Guys

Does Life in Sweden  most boring  in the World 2019 ..what is your opinion  ,  we seen many post similar to like it ....

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  1. beer friend
    I travel a lot to world due to my work , if you walk on street to Germany or and Hungary and if you see a beautiful girl .. and if you smile , so she might smile you back .. but in Sweden there are many Arabian they looks same white like European and if you smile them , they do not give a shit .. i feel that after many many different countries peoples in Sweden , hard to find who is real Swedish .. on street.. yeah racism and all make people unfriendly in mind ....what nationalist parties putting poison on interesting for vote bank .. sure you are not going to get a smile and its make country unfriendly and boring ... Last 7 years while making business trip ...visiting many clubs and bars .. i do not have friend in Sweden .. some how its feeling boring , town get closed so early one out there ... even hard to find food after 10 ...near by Stockholm...

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