Best and safe Clubs , Pubs for Foreigners in Tallinn 2018

Best and safe Clubs , Pubs for Foreigners in Tallinn 2018

Dear friends ,

please share your experience if you have been to clubs and pubs in Tallinn recently ...

Every years places become so much change that hard to believe ...if you have fun some where so please inform about place and suitable for age group...



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  1. i been travelling Tallinn this summer in July , since construction works was on the street so was not able to enjoy out side but any how you will find many places to enjoy .. In my 5 days trip hard to remember all places name but as some local Estonian girls inform that they prefer to go some pubs and clubs little out side the center ...since center is really expensive and every local cannot afford and mostly drunk guys goes center clubs ...might fight for girls since 10 girls and 100 boys .. I been with my friends some club name kannu kruk ...some thing similar name in Mustame area and it was really fun took some 8 euros ...
  2. rex
    I been to some 2 weeks ago place call , its a pool and snooker place with alcohol and food..nice very big place some 1 km from old town , walking by old town , prices are really cheap in comparison to old place for dating or meeting some one new

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