Sex in budapest

Hello Guys

today while travelling for Budapest thought to read about sex in Budapest , since people says its Bangkok of Europe...

After 4 days of travelling , i didn't seen nothing like this ...many website are now days they are giving such information,  but looks like they are fake , these guys never visited Budapest but make copy paste .. and they write own comments ..

i check with local people and mostly says sex is on internet , just search on google sex in Budapest you will get few update websites like   if you willing to pay 90 euro for 1 hour for beautiful one , ugly might you have at your home too ...or go to some strip club they are very many ... depends what you like , if you know with money you can do any thing there ...

i feel that Hungarian are  nice people , if you need one night stand , so try to take hotel in inner city not far from center ...there are many tourist and notice 70 % girls travelers  ..very less boys travel's..

so best of luck..

if you like only sex , visit Germany They are only brave country , who accept the true and allow sex center ,  every town have many  sex center , there hundreds of girls you will get in 25 euros ...what else you want ....










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