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Russian girls - Prostitution in Russia

prostitution in russia

prostitution in russia

Welcome to Russia , its beautiful and totally different than you have listen in news channel etc..very nice friendly people as other places on Earth..sure here you enjoy not only nature but beautiful Russian girls also.

Russia is  really big country and depends where you are travelling too , too many places there to see and lots of fun there , Mostly people travel St. Petersburg and Moscow  ..

Moscow - is a just like busy business town as every country have one business town .. some thing to see and usually notice there business people goes and after work they want to have some party and fun ... i think if you do not speak Russian language so better to have there some friend , or some language translator ... many young people are trying to learn language but still it will take time ...

Suppose you will get a beautiful girl in prostitute house 2000 Ruble ( some 30 USD )  , but if you are a foreigner and do not speak the language so taxi driver will advise you some kind of clubs where some girls are roaming  , they speak good English but they ask for 500 USD..

so better to have some Russian speaking person with you who can call prostitutes  and ask their address and you can visit there and enjoy beautiful girls in very cheap price ...

St. Petersburg - is real heaven for sex  ,you will find such services that you never enjoy it before ....there you pay for one house sex some 1500 to 2000 Rubble and your one hour you will really feel king ...

Many places you will have shower , beautiful rooms and sexy girl .. even if your friend do not want to have sex , so a good waiting room for him with TV and beers .. so he can also enjoy .

same you can have some one Russian speaking so life can be more easy .....

This town is  full of clubs , bars and pubs  according to your age , looks and money you can select some places and also easy to find women for one night stand ...we just visit places learn and talk with people and share there ideas and you are also welcome to write here your visit about clubs and fucking stories ... so our next fucker can approach good place ...

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Places to see 

The State Hermitage is a museum of art and culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia. One of the largest and oldest museums in the world, it was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great and has been open to the public since 1852..
The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is one of the main sights of St. Petersburg, Russia. Other names include the Church on Spilled Blood, the Temple of the Savior on Spilled Blood, and the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ..
The Peter and Paul Fortress is the original citadel of St. Petersburg, Russia, founded by Peter the Great in 1703 and built to Domenico Trezzini's designs from 1706-1740..
The State Russian Museum is the largest depository of Russian fine art in Saint Petersburg. It is also one of the largest museums in the country.
The Moika Palace or Yusupov Palace was once the primary residence in St. Petersburg, Russia of the House of Yusupov. The building was the site of Grigori Rasputin's murder in the early morning of December 17, 1916".
The Mariinsky Theatre is a historic theatre of opera and ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Opened in 1860, it became the preeminent music theatre of late 19th century Russia, where many of the stage .

Avoid and Safety

sex safety

 Russian driving is much bad and aggressive . so drive carefully

If you are dark looking like Indian , Pakistani etc so be carefully in late evening

In Russia there are many migrants from Tajikistan Uzbekistan etc . so basically they do not like them and if you are from India , Pakistan etc .. so they cannot recognize you and avoid you and in late night in trains possible of drunk Russian mans start fighting with you avoid to go alone and specially when you see drunk people ...

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