cheap taxi in Tallinn

Cheap Taxi in Tallinn

If you are planing to live in Tallinn more than 1 day and going to use much taxis so best advise  to buy a local mobile  number from any shop which cost some 3 euro

just be at some particular address so taxi can reach you , mostly taxi companies speaks in English , Estonian and Russian langues ..

Most cheap are

1  -  Q - Taxo Number  1525 

2 -  Euro Taxi number 633888

if you prefer to pay by card and any destination and any where you want taxi so try below numbers little expensive but you get it ..

3 -  Tallink takso number  1921

4  -  Tulika Takso number 1200


so enjoy your ride , usually taxis are safe here avoid to be much drunk and take taxi from street , they will charge you some double or triple , so better to talk with them before going on it ...