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Friends here we are sharing our recent travel experience that if you are in some particular town so how to pick up girl , boy , tranny etc by your choice ..
Places get changes time to time so hope we all can have recent information ….Fuck Yeahhh

Sex in budapest

Hello Guys today while travelling for Budapest thought to read about sex in Budapest , since people says its Bangkok of Europe... After 4 days of travelling , i didn't seen nothing like this ...many website are now days they are giving such information,  but looks like they are fake , these guys never visited…
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Estonian women

  Welcome to Tallinn ,its beautiful place for travelling and enjoying Old town of it with plenty of beautiful girls   . Today in 2019 prostitution scene become very less in comparison of 2006 , after Estonia came to EU things are getting change very fast... Mostly girls gone to live in other countries since…
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Best and safe Clubs , Pubs for Foreigners in Tallinn 2018

Best and safe Clubs , Pubs for Foreigners in Tallinn 2018 Dear friends , please share your experience if you have been to clubs and pubs in Tallinn recently ... Every years places become so much change that hard to believe ...if you have fun some where so please inform about place and suitable for…
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Russian Girls

  Russian girls - Prostitution in Russia [caption id="attachment_2478" align="alignleft" width="300"] prostitution in russia[/caption] [extra_wrap] Welcome to Russia , its beautiful and totally different than you have listen in news channel etc..very nice friendly people as other places on Earth..sure here you enjoy not only nature but beautiful Russian girls also. Russia is  really big…
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