Monthly Archives: April 2014

How to delete prestashop contact form

23.04.2020 Hello friends Prestashop have a worst thing that is contact cannot make how you want and and there will be millions of spams emails for you .. and to have to buy Recaptcha Eicaptcha etc and they do not support after some time.. so best is to delete it but prestashop do not…
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prestashop CMS block still showing in footer contact us

23.04.2020   hello guys if your prestashop CMS block still showing in footer contact us  and you do not want to have it means your theme/module/cmsblock /blockcms.tpl is wrong and just copy paste blow one so it will start working as you want   {if $block == 1} <!-- Block CMS module --> {foreach from=$cms_titles key=cms_key…
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Mumbai red light area – Kamathipura – grant road – 2020

2020 Hello welcome to kamathipura , Grant Road and Juhu chowpatty / Juhu Beach and and and .....other many places might work throught website .. kamathipura  - best way to reach there is get down at mumbai central railway station and The total straight line distance between Mumbai Central Railway Station and Kamathipura is 0 KM (kilometers)…
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